Natural Sound – Phönix Sound Columns

saeule_icons_blauNatural – Sound – Experience!

The joy of music and sound has always been deep- rooted in mankind. The experience of beautiful music can offer great pleasure and wellness, even in today´s technically overloaded ambiance.» Read more!

Each Column is unique – Phönix Sound Columns

saeule_icons_ferrarirotWe could be satisfied to produce good quality sound columns, but that is not enough. It would be even better to have you feel our passion for developing and manufacturing in every tone as you listen. That is our goal. To reach this goal, each sound column will be tailor-made to meet your individual requirements» Read more!

Experience the Phönix Sound Column

saeule_icons_lilaWe can talk a lot about the unique sound of our sound column, however it would be so much better, if you would experience the distinctive sound and the special design of our sound column yourself.

Feel the natural sound live at our listening stations.  » Read more!