The becoming of your sound column:

It is needless to say that the use of top quality materials and accurate manufacturing is mandatory for us (Made in Germany) Following are shown the different steps of manufacturing a sound column.


  • Lathing and milling of cone and lens
  • Trimming, welding, drilling, priming and grinding of the enclosure
  • Fabrication of stainless steal bars
  • Varnishing of cone, lens and enclosure


Step 1:
After varnishing all parts the stainless steal bars are attached

Bild 011

Step 2:
Inserting an jamming the speaker socket terminal

Bild 013

Step 3:
Get the lens ready to insert the high tone loudspeaker

Bild 020

Step 4:
Now the frequency-separating filter and the connection for tweeter and midrange driver are put in place

Bild 030

Step 5:
Frequency an audio test with special test CDs

Bild 033

Step 6:
The tweeter is positioned

Bild 045

Step 7:
The midrange driver is positioned

Bild 054

Step 8:
Fitting and adjusting of the campanoid

Bild 058

Step 9:
Visual final inspection

Bild 059

Step 10:
After all these steps (and we did not describe evertything in detail) the following photo shows a handmade Calista

Bild 063