Natural sound is three dimensional

The very best reproduction of sound is to copy the formation of tone. Every natural tone starts at one specific point. From this very point, the sound waves move spherically in all directionsand spread out three dimensionally.


Natural sound is sphere sound

Only a sphere sound converter manages to reproduce lifelike tones. Phönix sound columns are sphere sound converters.

„Phönix sound columns make the musicians plax in your living room!“

Phönix sound columns disperse the sound waves almost like a musical instrument bringing the natural three dimensional sound right into your room – an accustic holography.

The liberty of listening

„At every spot in your appartement, enjoy the sound as a homogeneous threedimensional picture of each tone.“

Phönix sound columns allow one to move freely and still enjoy the pure sound. This new luxery comes into being the moment one sets up the Phönix sound column. The pleasure of perfect listening is no longer limited to one position, but available at any angle. Move arround, change your position – the sound columns will give you the pure sound wherever you are.