Natural – Sound – Experience!

The joy of music and sound has always been deep-rooted in mankind. The experience of musical beauty can offer great pleasure and wellness, even in today´s technically overloaded ambiance.

Remember the beauty of the bird singing as you took a walk in the forest or the thrill of the music of a concert you recently attended. This was the natural sound of music. Now you can enjoy these sounds in their original form with all the natural beauty and splendor regardless of whether you are walking or sitting.

Natural – Sound Converter ,,an acoustic holographic experience“

From the very beginning of Hifi and stereophony, the technical equipment attempted to douplicate the natural sound quality as close as possbile. Even with high-priced audio equilpment in many studions, musicians often complain about the poor play – back quality of their work. Now through the development of the natural – sound converter a new expansion of sound in space can be achieved, a three dimensional sound impression can be generated. Now music can be technically reproduced closet to the origninal, literally touching the listeners body and soul.

„See for yourself! Experience this new dimension of musical display.“

„Physical“ music

You will not only hear the music, but you actually feel itphysically. Your whole body will sense the music, even the liquid in our cells and our bones will vibrate. Music, played – back with the natural – sound converter is rejuvenating for body and soul (already being utilized in various therapeutical centers), bringing about an almost divine revelation for any music lover.


On stage

Step into a acoustic holography and find yourself in the center of a thrilling, fantastic musical event. You will appreciate each single musical instrument in its original location. Get next to the violin, enjoy the guitar player to the left or get close to the singer, move around in the holographic sound space.

„Re – experience your favorite music!“

The technology: Natural – sound

What is natural – sound?

Sound spreads naturally undirected in spherical waves. From the one source all frequencies move similarily in all directions. The percentage of direct frequencies in any sound is only 10%  to 14%, the bigger part we hear as surround sound.

Conventional loudspeakers can only produce direct sund or flat sound, so true stereo quality can only be experienced in the so – called „stereo triangle“. The way the natural – sound converter sends out the sound waves allows it to reproduce the bigger part of the natural and spacial acoustic spectrum.

The core of this technology – The campanoid

How does one achjieve this spechial sound wave radiation?
The diaphragms don´t point horizontally into the space, but send the sound waves vertically to a precisely calculated cone. This cone – the so called campanoid – was specially developed and is the patent – registered core of the system. The sound sphere covers the total spectrum of sounds, all frequencies with many – voiced overtones, all musical instruments with their specific fineness and all the nuances of the human voice. In nature only sounds exist, there are no tones. A tone is only one single frequency. A sound is an assembly of many different frequencies. The harmonic vibrations add the timbre. The fewer harmonic vibrations in a sound, the clearer we can hear this sound.

Concepts of conventional acoustic systems

Nature is complex and offers utmost information, this is extremely important for human perception. Concventional acoustic systems with frontal acoustic irritation, or acoustic irritation directed from one radiation point, form and limit our acoustic perceptive faculties to the front. The human brain is not made for this. Through evolution mans´brain has been trained for round and round perception – which was basic to survive. When this the round and round information is missing, some people may experience headaches or a decrease in audibility or the ability to find the source the sound may disappear.

Many people prefer the surround – concept with 5 to 7 loudspeakers which turns the general radiation of sound from head to toe. As previiosly explained sound expands explosively from one point simultaneously in all directions at the same time. The surround concept reverses that principle and gears direct sounds out of 5 to 7 sources into one center, one could call it a sound implosion with the listener right in the middle.

Sonic velocity

Sonic velocity is the tempo of the spreading sound. It differs in different materials, for example:

Air: 343 m/sec

Water: 1440 m/sec

Aluminium: 6260 m/sec

Sound and human body

Men don´t hear only with their ears. Information of frequencies reach the human brain also through other routes: deep frequencies (earth tones) are transported through the bones. These sounds are essential for a emotional feeling of wellness.