Our company “Phönix Sound Columns” was founded with the goal of developing and offering innovative, first- class products in the area of audiovisuallity to meet the highest demands. Our primary guideline from our inception has been to continuously search for highest quality for our products.

Phönix recognizes the needs and expectations of the modern listener and has therefore enlisted  the cooperation of internationally experienced specialists and scientist to produce the first patent-registered spherical sound waves system. This is our contribution to superior quality listening combined with complete local independence. The Phönix system sets new standards for accurate sound reproduction, providing full stable stereo quality at every location in your room- even in adjoining rooms.

A great experience on the highest level!

In the fall of 2008, after close examination and due consideration, we acquired the company “Phönix” located in Strasslach with all rights, brands and patents.

Our main ambition is to further develop the concept of the 360 ° sound and to make this sound pleasure available for all lovers of high – quality  tone.

As a first step we introduce ourselves on the web.